Friday Pick 187 – Trivia “Useless” Facts



The author of Life’s Adventures writes on a number of topics including a 30-day daily post about thankfulness. After you’ve checked out my Friday Pick below, I suggest you poke around some more – I’m sure the author won’t mind!

In Lisa’s own words:

Being a Nona to four beautiful grandchildren, having a house full of people all the time, and my life in general, I find there are many an opportunity to find humor and adventure in daily life. Humor, stories of adventure, and events that I’ll be sharing with you on this blog…

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Life’s Adventures shares that 111,111,111 x 111,111,111 = 12,345,678,987,654,321 among some other really fascinating facts…   

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Trivia “Useless” Facts by Life’s Adventures


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When man calls an animal “vicious”, he usually means that it will attempt to defend itself when he tries to kill it.


As we encroach more on and more on wild animals and their habitats, we inevitably find ourselves in situations were animals have mauled people. Often the offending “vicious” animal is relocated or destroyed.

It got me thinking how that also happens in our interactions with each other when we perceive a threat to our way of being.

When we see ourselves as superior because of race, religion, no religion, social status, political affiliation, income tax bracket, level of education, gender, or any other form of discrimination.

When we justify our attacks on those who are not like us because we perceive them as a threat to our culture and way of life.

When we oppress the weak, the poor and the sick in our efforts to gain even more wealth for ourselves.

Yet, we are surprised at their indignation and “viciousness” when they retaliate; when they fight back to defend themselves and their children.


Think about it. If attacked, wouldn’t you fight back? Wouldn’t you protect your family and way of life?

Friday Pick 186 – A Phone Interview with John



This week I pick me! Ok I guess that’s cheating a bit, but I’m so pumped about my job at Oxford House I want to share this amazing interview I got to do last week with a resident in one of our homes. Truly, staying sober and enjoying life is at the heart of Oxford House.

On Oxford House’s About Page:

We believe in the goodness, dignity and potential of men and women with alcohol and drug addiction and that; by providing them with safe and affordable housing they will have the best opportunity for full, long-term recovery.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post John shares his story with yours truly…

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A Phone Interview with John by Diana at Oxford House


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Are You ‘The Talker’ or ‘The Observer’?


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You never know who you might meet

When you put yourself out there, you never know who you might meet

It’s hard for even me to grasp that I used to shy away from people and was so afraid of doing something – anything – wrong. Those of you who know me personally are probably laughing out loud at this point, but it’s true!

In grade 1 I was so afraid I would lose my house key that I was forever losing my house key.

In grade 3 when Mrs. Carpentier asked me to knock on another classroom’s door and ask the teacher for a pen, I cried.

In grade 4, when our bus broke down coming back from a field trip, Mr. Whittal had to sit with, and comfort me because I was afraid of getting home late.

My daughter Michaela has never seen that side of me. By the time she was born, I was all about trying things and not being embarrassed when they did not quite work out. And I was always talking with strangers; either I’d approach them, or they’d approach me. The then teenaged Michaela would say, “Stop flirting with people Mom!”

“I’m not flirting, I’m just being nice,” I’d respond.

People seem to ‘get my number’ right away too. Not long after I started working at Oxford House, my co-worker Tracey suggested that I go ask someone something we both wanted to know because, “I’m the Observer and you’re the Talker, Diana.”

This past Saturday on the way to my regularly scheduled kaffeklatsch with my BFF, I came upon the people in the above photo. Well as you know by now – I just had to talk with them and get their photo.  Turns out they were promoting some kind of week-long cartoon festival. So that I could be in the photo, a random stranger offered to take the picture.


How about you? Are you a Talker or Observer?

Do You Really Need To Be Doing That?


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There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all.

Peter Drucker

Doing things that need to be done in a way that doesn’t make sense is one thing. At least you are doing things that need to be done.

Doing things that serve no purpose for the sole sake of just being busy with something is also a problem.

Not that I’ve never done that myself before. I tend to go there when I’m trying to avoid something!

In many organizations we document what we’re doing to show that we’re actually doing our jobs or to be accountable to our customers.

Fine. But how often do we ask ourselves why we are tracking the things we are doing, and once we have the information, how, or if, we will even use it?

It makes sense to be efficient, it’s something I strive for with the things that need to be done. Careful though, if doing something efficiently means that it is no longer effective, that’s a whole other can of beans you don’t want to open up!


What are you doing that you don’t need to be doing?

Friday Pick 185 – The Hands of Time or Whose Hands are on my Keyboard?



Lisa over at Life Stories and Beyond came over to comment on my Instant Coffee post the other day. So I went over to check out her page and read her latest post which I’ve chosen as my Friday Pick this week. I found myself nodding through, and relating to, the entire post and clicked the follow button when I was done. I love Lisa’s writing style and have a gut feeling that you will also love it over at Life Stories and Beyond.

In Lisa’s own words:

…A former middle school counselor turned writer, Lisa is also a closet genealogist and preserver of stories, who looks for the humor in life. She spends a great deal of time letting her dogs in and out of the house. Lisa has collected stories throughout the years, from back before she developed stretch marks, to the present, when she’s embracing age spots, gray hair, and wrinkles…

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Lisa shares about having the hands she always wanted, among other things…

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The Hands of Time or Whose Hands are on my Keyboard by Life Stories and Beyond


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Instant Coffee


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coffee with dad

Do you, or did you ever, have someone in your life that you could spend hours with, never speaking a word?

I think when a relationship gets to that point, you’ve hit a level of comfortable-ness where the two of you are just happy to be in each other’s company.

When I was school-aged, I would get home about 30 minutes before dad who liked to enjoy a nice cup of instant coffee after a long day’s work.

I had the timing down to an art. Dad was one of those people who seemed to live within a specific routine. Maybe that’s why he was always a source of comfort to me. No matter what else was going on at school, in the world, wherever, I could count on dad to do and be exactly where I knew he’d be.

So at the exact right time, I would plug the kettle in and when he’d walk in the door, I’d be making his coffee with one level teaspoon of sugar and a bit of milk. After our initial greetings we would sip coffee together quietly; dad doing one thing and me doing another. Neither of us ever feeling pressure to fill the silence with words.

People wondered about us. Wondered why we didn’t talk and how we could be so in tuned to each other.

I still love my coffee. But I’m a brewed-pot-of-coffee kinda gal now. Yet for some reason, I found myself buying instant coffee one day, a few months after dad passed away. I know now that I was just looking for a way to be with him again. A cup of instant coffee seemed like the best way to do that.

Now on Sunday afternoons when I’m thinking of dad I make myself a cup of instant coffee.

At first I worried that I had nothing to say. And then I remembered we never really had a need to break the silence with words. He knew I loved him and I knew he loved me.

I will always treasure our quiet coffee-time memories Dad.


Who’s one of your favourite people to spend time with? What do you like to do together? Is it something that you don’t do with anyone else?

Do Others Know You Are Grateful For Them?


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Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone

Gladys Stern

I think we all pretty much agree that when we are grateful for the things and beautiful people we do have in our lives, we feel richer.

I grew up learning that life is not always fair and it may be one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned. Each time I’ve come face to face with an injustice, I had the important choice of remaining in a state of despair or being grateful for the resources available to me to work through it.

When we are intentional about turning our thoughts away from what we do not have toward what we do have, we are given the strength to endure and overcome our struggles.

Recognizing this truth is a blessing to those who embrace it.

Yet if we just recognize it without speaking our gratitude to those who give us strength, we miss a wonderful opportunity to bring joy to others.

So when someone lightens our load, do we express our thanks to them? When we hear someone say something good about another, do we tell them?


Is there somebody you should thank today?

The Truth is Revealed


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On Wednesday, I posted Can You Catch Me In A Lie and I challenged you to guess which of the following three statements was a lie.

  1. I once saw Neil Young at a Tim Hortons.

  2. I once did a standup comedy routine at Yuk Yuks.

  3. I once auditioned for a small part in the movie Cadence.

Most of you chose #2 as the lie

The truth is, #2 is a truth. Several years ago I took a standup comedy class. Our last class consisted of doing our routine at Yuk Yuks. Let me tell you, it was tough. They say that most folks would rather die than speak in front of an audience. I’ve done lots of public speaking in my day and I rather enjoy it, but comedy is brutal. I did my routine on the benefits of ‘being single.’ And I ended with something like, “Who am I kidding? Being single sucks. So if you’re single too, call me. My number’s on the men’s washroom wall.

#3 was the second choice

Sorry to say, number 3 is also a truth. When I was in my twenties Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez were filming the movie Cadence on Piva’s Ranch just up the road from where I was living in Pinantan Lake, BC. They put out a call for German-speaking, blond-haired, blue-eyed women for a very small speaking part in the movie. I was rejected because I am taller than the actors!

Only two of you chose #1

Some of you chose it as one of the truths right off the bat!

Only two of you suggested number 1 was the lie.

Jim said: I don’t think Neil Young would go to Tim Horton’s, but …

and Smitty said: Both #2 and #3 sound daring whereas #1 sounds ordinary. I think (WAG!) you’re slipping us red herrings. We’re supposed to think either #2 or #3 isn’t something you would dare to do. But I think they’re exactly the sort of thing you’d dare to do, so I think Neal Young is the lie.

And Neil Young Is the LIE!

Thanks to all who tried to catch me in a lie and challenged me to catch them in a lie – it was fun!

Can You Catch Me In A Lie?


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I’ve always been very interested in personality tests. I think it’s because I love the idea of teams working together and if I understand what makes individuals tick, I can more easily figure out how to get a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal.

Just in case you’re curious, I’m an ENFP according to Myers Brigg, a Number 7 (generalist, visionary) according to Enneagram and Orange in the True Colors Personality test.

Anyway, you have no idea how excited I was when I had the opportunity several years ago to attend a Body Language workshop facilitated by an experienced police investigator!

In this workshop we learned, among other things, how to tell when someone is being deceitful. To practice what we had learned, we were divided into groups of 3 or 4 people and given time to come up with two truths and one lie about ourselves and then try to catch each other in the lie. I was amazingly good at it!

I know that you don’t have the benefit of watching my body language but I thought it would be fun to share two truths and one lie about myself here and see if you can spot the lie. And in turn, I would love if you shared two truths and a lie about yourself in the comment section so I can try to catch you in a lie.

OK, ready? Here goes!

  1. I once saw Neil Young at a Tim Hortons.
  2. I once did a standup comedy routine at Yuk Yuks.
  3. I once auditioned for a small part in the movie Cadence.

So can you guess the lie?

Is it 1?

Is it 2?

Maybe it’s 3?



What are your two truths and one lie?


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