The Other Bottom Line

Born from an idea; a belief that an organization’s mission is most successfully carried out by engaging a healthy and vibrant community, The Other Bottom Line was launched on September 4, 2013. This blog is dedicated to those who work in the Non-Profit Sector and the wonderful communities that support their work.

It is an exciting new chapter. It is the beginning of a journey in the direction my heart longs to go.

It’s about inspiring others to use their gifts and skills to make a positive impact in their calling.

It’s about acting from a place of passion while inviting meaning and purpose to one’s own life.

It’s about working together with driven, like-minded people, cherishing and employing all the gifts around the table toward one common purpose.

It’s about facilitating conversation. It’s about authentic and meaningful relationships. And yes – it is also about offering my services on a project-by-project basis to local organizations in the form of term contracts and consulting.

Please have a look at The Other Bottom Line and let me know what you think!

Warmest regards,

Diana Schwenk


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