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Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way. ~ Dr. Seuss

I think we often view the Mountain as a barrier that we’re trying to get around

as something that stands in our way.

Something that needs to be obliterated in order to achieve that which we desire to achieve.

And I guess that it can be, depending on the metaphor we’re going for.

But what if your mountain is your calling?

What if climbing it is the point, not getting around it or blasting through it? What if the journey to get to the top is what gives you the very skills you need to accomplish what you’re meant to do?

My mountain is called Building Community. And I have thought it has meant many specific things at very specific times, most recently The Other Bottom Line.

But the higher I climb, the more I realize it has meant all those things. And none have been for naught. Each has been a gift along the way.


What’s your Mountain called? Do you link it directly to one goal or do you see it manifested in many ways throughout your journey?