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Mom’s been telling me for years…

“Go get your eyes checked! We have Glaucoma in the family, you know? Plus those reading glasses aren’t good for your eyes!”

So on Sunday – yes on Sunday, I was surprised I could get an appointment on Sunday too – I showed up for my eye appointment with Dr. Tamas at Eye on 17th.

I learned that my left eye is better than my right eye. That I’m still OK for distance seeing – my super-seeing left eye compensates for my just-legal-for-driving right eye.

I would just need reading glasses.

Sure I could get progressives but they take a while to get used to and like I said, I’m still OK for distance.

Also, I learned that I do not have any eye diseases, including Glaucoma and that the back of my eye is fairly healthy, whatever that means…

Anyway, all day at work today, I was thinking about how I would be picking up my new glasses after work. I was thinking how great it will be to read a few pages, and actually see the words clearly, of a good book tonight before I go to sleep.

So after work, I picked up my glasses.  The nice man at Eye on 17th adjusted my new glasses to my head and had me read a piece of paper. But I wanted to get my glasses home and try them out there!

I was super excited and my thoughts drifted to that book on the night table beside my bed.

Oh boy, oh boy!

First things, first though. I still had to have dinner, do the dishes, watch some TV. And hey I should check out what I look like in these new glasses. So I looked in the mirror.

How is it that I aged 10 years in just one day??

How is it that I aged 10 years in just one day??

Some things just aren’t worth seeing better, I guess…