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I work with an amazing young woman who is passionate and bright.

She’s an idealist with loads of conviction, creativity and vision.home_next_generation_leaders

She inspires me and causes me to remember the big dreams I had and how hard it was to be taken seriously when I was in my twenties.

It’s a little bit sad that we don’t hear what young people have to say – after all we are shaping a world for them, leaving an inheritance of our own design, often without any thought to what’s important to them.

I suspect that if we really listen, young people have an insightful and powerful message to share with us.

What kind of world do we want to pass on to the next generation?

What do they see as the most important issues we are facing today?


Young people have an insightful and powerful message to share

What keeps them awake at night? I want to give them a voice to speak out.

Almost a year ago it was my desire to write a post that would give a voice to the next generation.

I asked three questions (below) in the hopes that enough young people would answer them that I could write a revealing and meaningful post.

But I was new to WordPress and didn’t know as many people as I do now, so I am giving it another shot today.


If you are 25 or younger or you have kids in that age group, would you pass these questions on?

Help me give a voice to tomorrow’s leaders.


What do you think is the world’s biggest issue or problem? (describe it)

What do you think needs to be done to solve this issue or problem?/What are you willing to do?

Do you think it will be solved in your lifetime? Why or why not?



Looking to the future…

Younger children will need their parent’s help. Please also provide your first name and age and send your responses to me at talktodiana2004@yahoo.ca 

I really want to know what young people are thinking, don’t you?