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Whilst on my visit back east, I spent just a little more than a day with my brother and his family in Montreal. I don’t often see them and it’s always great to catch up.

Spencer and me. We texted this picture to his Mom while watching Inspector Gadget

Spencer and me. We texted this picture to his Mom while watching Inspector Gadget

On the Monday before I left, while my brother, Michael and his wife, Heather went to work, I was able to catch up with the goings-on I’d missed on WordPress, take a walk to the nearest strip mall and enjoy a Timmy’s coffee and my favourite part of the day – pick up my nine year-old Nephew, Spencer from after school day care.

It was a cool day as I set off. I mumbled a reprimand to myself for not packing warmer clothing. But the crisp cool air was invigorating and brilliant fall colours looked bright in contrast to the overcast sky.

I reached the playground beside Spencer’s school in a few short minutes and watched him kick around a soccer ball with some friends. When he finally saw me, he waved me into the yard…

or so I thought.

I was half way into the yard, when a petite, French Canadian Day Care employee called out, “Hey, you can’t be in here while we line up the children to go in!”

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know, I’m here to pick up my Nephew”  I said.

She softened, “You have to pick him up at the door around the corner and sign him out.”

I nodded my understanding and left the yard.

Once inside the day care, a table blocked me from going further in and I let the woman behind the table know that I was there to pick Spencer up. After checking my ID (my brother had sent an email that morning to let them know I was coming),  she picked up her Walkie Talkie and asked them to send Spencer in.

Impressive security – I thought!

As we walked home, Spencer asked me why I’d gone into the yard. I explained that I had thought he had waved me.

“Well I didn’t,”  he asserted

“I know,”  I replied.

He stopped, looked down and kicked at the dirt with his foot.

“It’s not your fault Spencer, I messed up. Did I embarrass you?”

“Nope,”  he replied. “You embarrassed yourself.”