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I value the friend who for me finds time on his calendar, but I cherish the friend who for me does not consult his calendar. ~ Robert Brault

Helllllooooooooooooo! I have soooo missed you!

As you may or may not know, I headed back east on September 10. Check here to get caught up on my anticipation of returning to my province of birth. I had received word that Dad had an Aneurysm in his abdomen that had ruptured and that he’d been rushed to the Civic Hospital in Ottawa for emergency surgery.

Originally I had intended to stay for one week to help out while Dad recovered, but it made more sense for me to stay two weeks and so I made arrangements to do so.

He’s really made some significant improvements in the three weeks since surgery and although he’s using a walker right now, he’s able to do so without assistance from us. He’ll be walking sans walker any day now – I’m sure of it! I may write more about this when I return home.

For now, I want to share about the importance of friendship. My folks have some really awesome friends and neighbours. When Dad originally fell, Mom went next door to ask Brian for help. Brian is fully trained in First Aid and got Dad up off the floor and helped with getting an ambulance.

My brother and his family cut their vacation short and rushed to Dad’s side while he was in hospital. Joyce and Keith drove my parents the 120 kilometers to Ottawa for subsequent appointments and checkups and Keith built a ramp at the house so that Dad can get in and out.

Jim and Eva lent my parents equipment (walker and accessible toilet seat with handles)  to manage the after care. And members of the community visited, encouraged and loved my parents through it all.

Maybe it’s one of the plusses of country living – I don’t know but my belief in community was affirmed and I witnessed first-hand the benefits that come with surrounding one’s self with a network of people.


Yesterday my brother picked me up and brought me to his place in Montreal. I’m glad that I get to spend some time with him, my SIL and my brilliant nephew. Tomorrow morning, early in the morning, I will be heading to the airport to fly home.

Until then, be good to each other.


While at my parent’s place, I ran into a bunch of critters I don’t ever see in Calgary. Check them out below!