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I’ve always been very interested in personality tests. I think it’s because I love the idea of teams working together and if I understand what makes individuals tick, I can more easily figure out how to get a group of individuals to work together toward a common goal.

Just in case you’re curious, I’m an ENFP according to Myers Brigg, a Number 7 (generalist, visionary) according to Enneagram and Orange in the True Colors Personality test.

Anyway, you have no idea how excited I was when I had the opportunity several years ago to attend a Body Language workshop facilitated by an experienced police investigator!

In this workshop we learned, among other things, how to tell when someone is being deceitful. To practice what we had learned, we were divided into groups of 3 or 4 people and given time to come up with two truths and one lie about ourselves and then try to catch each other in the lie. I was amazingly good at it!

I know that you don’t have the benefit of watching my body language but I thought it would be fun to share two truths and one lie about myself here and see if you can spot the lie. And in turn, I would love if you shared two truths and a lie about yourself in the comment section so I can try to catch you in a lie.

OK, ready? Here goes!

  1. I once saw Neil Young at a Tim Hortons.
  2. I once did a standup comedy routine at Yuk Yuks.
  3. I once auditioned for a small part in the movie Cadence.

So can you guess the lie?

Is it 1?

Is it 2?

Maybe it’s 3?



What are your two truths and one lie?