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On Wednesday, I posted Can You Catch Me In A Lie and I challenged you to guess which of the following three statements was a lie.

  1. I once saw Neil Young at a Tim Hortons.

  2. I once did a standup comedy routine at Yuk Yuks.

  3. I once auditioned for a small part in the movie Cadence.

Most of you chose #2 as the lie

The truth is, #2 is a truth. Several years ago I took a standup comedy class. Our last class consisted of doing our routine at Yuk Yuks. Let me tell you, it was tough. They say that most folks would rather die than speak in front of an audience. I’ve done lots of public speaking in my day and I rather enjoy it, but comedy is brutal. I did my routine on the benefits of ‘being single.’ And I ended with something like, “Who am I kidding? Being single sucks. So if you’re single too, call me. My number’s on the men’s washroom wall.

#3 was the second choice

Sorry to say, number 3 is also a truth. When I was in my twenties Martin Sheen, Charlie Sheen and Emilio Estevez were filming the movie Cadence on Piva’s Ranch just up the road from where I was living in Pinantan Lake, BC. They put out a call for German-speaking, blond-haired, blue-eyed women for a very small speaking part in the movie. I was rejected because I am taller than the actors!

Only two of you chose #1

Some of you chose it as one of the truths right off the bat!

Only two of you suggested number 1 was the lie.

Jim said: I don’t think Neil Young would go to Tim Horton’s, but …

and Smitty said: Both #2 and #3 sound daring whereas #1 sounds ordinary. I think (WAG!) you’re slipping us red herrings. We’re supposed to think either #2 or #3 isn’t something you would dare to do. But I think they’re exactly the sort of thing you’d dare to do, so I think Neal Young is the lie.

And Neil Young Is the LIE!

Thanks to all who tried to catch me in a lie and challenged me to catch them in a lie – it was fun!