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“Even if you fall on your face, at least you’re still moving forward.” – Victor Kiam

Most times, when I fall, I fall backwards onto my bum and sometimes the back of head hits the ground. I can remember falling forward one time. That time my hands were pretty scraped up as they came up to protect my face.

I have a friend who has fallen forward several times in the last couple of years. Once I was there when it happened. We were walking and talking and all of a sudden she was doing a somersault beside me and landed back on her feet as if choreographed. No real damage done.

But twice she’s showed up at my place with a black eye, scrapes and scabs on her nose, forehead and cheek. We’re not sure why she fell. There wasn’t any ice, what did she trip on? We’re not sure why her hands did not come up to protect her face (Were they in her pockets?) But both times, her face was swollen and bloody – quite shocking!

She just laughs it off. I mean what else can you do when you fall on your face?