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Michaela at Peter's Drive-In, Calgary AB

Michaela at Peter’s Drive-In, Calgary AB

This past weekend, my daughter with beau-in-tow, came home to spend Easter with me.

It’s always great to see her. We don’t often get to visit as we live a three and half hour drive apart.

This time I remembered to renew my parking pass so the kids could park in my assigned spot behind my apartment building, while I legally parked on my street.

In the past, I haven’t done this, so Michaela has had to park a few streets away and move her car every few hours.

A gift from the Easter Bunny awaited Michaela's arrival

A gift from the Easter Bunny awaited Michaela’s arrival

Yeah, yeah, I won’t be getting the Mother of the Year award anytime soon!

But before you go getting all indignant about the way I treat my daughter, know that Michaela, AKA The Tornado, has her own way of getting even.

She has this uncanny ability to pretty much destroy a room seemingly by just walking into it.

Within minutes, it looks like a storm has blown through!

I don’t mind. Really. It’s a small price to pay for the pleasure of spending time with her.

My late birthday present for me from Michaela

My late birthday present from Michaela

…A few years back, Michaela and I discovered Anthropologie, a boutique store that sells unique merchandize, including a mishmash of dishes. At the time, I told Michaela that one day I would start an eclectic collection of plates and cups. She remembered this and brought me two pieces (above) to start my collection…

Hi Momma, I love you Dork.

Be nicer. Don’t call your daughter a dork. Be nicer.

One of the things I enjoy most about Michaela is her sarcastic wit.

We often lovingly jab at each other.

An endearing habit, that I’ve come to expect from Michaela every time she visits, is the writing of a message on my whiteboard.

On this last visit she added items to my to-do List.

For some reason, she felt that ‘Be nicer’ had to be stated twice.

But be nicer didn’t have to be stated at all. They brought a bottle of wine.

And wine always makes me nicer.


What did you do for the Easter weekend? What makes you nicer?