Finding Balance


“We need places to scream and run wild as well as places to be quiet.” ― Marty Rubin

I ONCE DATED A GUY WHO TOLD ME IT WASN’T REALISTIC FOR US to think we could allow ourselves to dream or go on playing forever; eventually we have to become grownups and put that foolishness behind us.

I told him I did not agree.

It’s funny though because I was drawn to his serious and purposeful quietness and he was drawn to my joyful spontaneity.

I learned a lot about backing up my dreams with action from him

and I think he learned how to occasionally let go and have fun from me.

Sure, we have to work

we have to pay bills

we have to be committed and responsible to, and for, our loved ones.

But I do not think we have to give up dreaming and playing!

What do you think? 

Check out the fun these grownups created for themselves below

Post by Shannon Jerabek.
How do you ensure that you strike up a good balance in your life? Do you think that opposites attract? Could you see yourself playing human foosball?

84 thoughts on “Finding Balance

  1. We have to learn to plant our feet firmly in midair. There has to be a balance between work hard and play hard. If we stop dreaming, we just become a cog in the wheel. But I’m guilty of not following thru on my dreams. It’s something I still have to commit to. Thoughtful comments, Diana.


  2. The holy grail of life, no? A balance of work and play, strife and pleasure. What this translates to in the day to day, I’m honestly not sure right now.

    Once again, a thoughtful post–thank you Diana <3


  3. Ah, yes, I do agree opposites attract. I think we subconsciously try to find someone who has traits or talents we wished we had.
    Why, then, are we always so busy trying to change that person we’re attracted to? ;-)


  4. I also agree, we should never stop dreaming and yes opposites attract. My husband and was the more serious one and I was the one always planning and doing. His serious and responsible nature made him a good husband and provider but he also told me it was my smile and positive attitude that drew him to me. Because I am a dreamer and a planner and Tom was the responsible one by saving money and being no nonsense or as he would say “sensible”, we were able to go on our dream vacation, trying new exciting things and go to different places. We were always doing something new – there is an old German saying about working hard and playing harder…that was our balance along with our opposite personalities – we balanced each other.


  5. I totally agree with you. Never give up playing and dreaming. I think people who have given up playing …have given up aliveness that comes with playfulness. Life should be fun….as often as possible. :)


  6. I love this Diana!
    And yes, it got me thinking :)
    Perhaps it isn’t about balance but being whole or aligned.
    No scales required or “either/or” thinking.
    Embracing all aspects of ourselves.
    Aligning our mind body and spirit.
    Val x


  7. Why, oh, why, would seriousness about gamily and sustaining a living preclude the pursuit of dreams and fun, Diana? Yin and Yang. Black and White. Happy and Sad. We need balance, my friend, I think. Thank you for this Sunday thinker!


  8. Diana a little from column A and a little from column B. My father was a big KID. He worked hard but played even harder and children sensed his love of the silliness of life and babies and children gravitated towards him. We use to call him a kid magnet. He never lost his inner child. I think life would be dull without goofing off every once and awhile. For me I need to practice being childlike, if I want my passion for writing children’s picture books to ever succeed. Children know how it is ENJOY THE MOMENTS of being in a fantasy world……OFTEN.


  9. My youngest always reminds me to look at life through the eyes of a child, with no judgement or malice but with adventure and fun living in the present. I guess it’s the ability to let go, and that is a gift!!



  10. A self-ascribed blend of dreamer/playful and serious/pragmatic, I clearly hear and appreciate this perspective Diana. It’s a good conversation prompt!

    I while back I posted about a TED Talks speaker who makes a very interesting case for why we don’t always need “balance” in our lives. In fact, he advocates for living our lives “off balance.” We often strive (sometimes struggle) with the notion that much in our lives needs to be balanced (think: work/life). He essentially pulls the rug out from under that premise. :)

    Happy to share the post link if you’re interested in reading another perspective.


  11. Totally agree. For some reason, some people do view others who bicycle, as cycling on “toys”, cycling as “play” or “recreation” and they’re not real transportation system users.

    If they could experience regularily what it means to “let go”, de-stress and sharpen their wonder and awareness of Nature.


  12. We begin as chidren-carefree and living for fun with or without others. As St. Paul says: “As a child, I acted, and thought as a child-when an adult I put childish ways aside.” Yet Jesus, says:”Come to me with the innocense of Children.” Both, are true.

    And as we become elderly we do become childlike again. Since I was born into this world, a child and will be born onto the next, a child-you’re right Diana; keep “playing” as a part of one’s life. It will be easier to remember how to, when it becomes most important.


  13. Totally agree! We need that release of play and creativity! Perhaps I was playing too late last night, based on this morning’s slow start! To add to it though I believe there are times in our life when we are more attracted to achievement than play/creativity and vice versa. That doesn’t mean it has to be all one at the expense of the other though.


  14. I may not act like it all the time, but I agree, we should never stop dreaming and playing, Diana. That human foosball showed up on my facebook feed too, and Paul and I would love to have a game. It looks like a lot of fun.

    Jennifer xo


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