Wringing out every last drop of summer

It's not safe to take a selfie while driving. However, this image, found online, serves as an accurate re-enactment.

It’s not safe to take a selfie while driving. However, this image, found online, serves as an accurate re-enactment.


looking forward to a meeting

wearing my favourite summer dress and sandals

and tapping my fingers on the steering wheel to some exceptional tunes playing on the radio

when the radio announcers interrupted with the following dialogue:

“Can you believe it’s August 5th already! Summer is almost over! I love you summer…don’t go summer, it’s too soon,” said the one in his most whiny voice.

[The Sound of Laughter] “Pack up your lawn chairs buddy…haul out the snow shovels…it’s done! Summer is over,” said the other, tormenting the first and ME!

“I hate you, I hate you,” said the first. “Summer, I love you, pleeeeaaaaaseeeee don’t go,” he pleaded again.

B A M ! !

There it was – the dreaded message of DOOM!

All summer, I’ve been working hard to enjoy every moment – IN THE MOMENT – that I possibly could, putting to the back of my mind any anxieties I had about my favourite season ending.

But in one felt swoop, the realization that summer would not last forever hit me like a ton of snow slipping from the roof of a barn!


Realistically, I know we still have some sweet hot weather ahead. I know I was over reacting when these radio personalities messed with my equilibrium.

But I also know that summer doesn’t last long here in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.

Not in comparison to the summers most of my online community experiences south of the border, or even in the eastern provinces of Canada where Indian Summer continues to bless them with warmth and sunshine into September and October.

But you won’t be getting the best of me Second Radio Announcer Guy – No way, Jose!

I aim to wring out every juicy drop of summer I can, for as long as I can!

In your face!


What’s your favourite season? How do you maintain your equilibrium during times of stress?

*no actual radio personalities were harmed during the writer’s experience of, or writing of this post…not yet, anyway…



48 thoughts on “Wringing out every last drop of summer

  1. Well at the core of all different Canadian regions where I’ve lived….it still remains to be early-mid fall. It’s the colours, still the warmth and a dreaminess that life is at its height and colour. Also love harvest time.

    However after living in British Columbia and now here in Calgary, I do enjoy summers a lot. Not as terribly humid as southern Ontario.

    What keeps my equilibrium year round: the wonder of Nature and actually being able to enjoy a tree canopy wherever I’ve lived close by at any time of the year.

    I just did my usual 43 km. ride between downtown and Harvest Hills area at the top of Nose Hill north. Diana I’m just amazed how little used whole sections of the pathway system are not used much at all during beautiful weekend days. Must be the lack of washrooms…I’m serious. Time to wring out joy from the extensive pathway system. Please let your friends know.


  2. Here in Newfoundland, there are those folks who get on my nerves when they say summer is over after the Regatta. Well, the Regatta was yesterday, but I refuse to have that mindset. Lots of time yet for lovely summer days! And I love fall if we are blessed with a nice one. :)

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  3. Darn doomsayer. Summer’s not over until the last leaf is down, the first flake is sticking.

    That’s this Syracusan’s story, Diana. I’m on your side 100 percent. We have to hang on just because we have enough of those other seasons, which shall remain unnamed until Sept. 21 and Dec. 21.


    • Mum’s the word Mark. ;)

      I don’t often notice things that have changed, i.e., a CD store becomes a restaurant (it could take years for me to notice)

      my mean bff pointed out a bunch of leaves had fallen from trees in a park that we passed yesterday. Ugh! I wouldn’t have known otherwise and would have stayed happily in my summer world.


  4. Even though I haven’t been teaching for quite a few years, a sinking feeling always comes to me Aug. 1. It feels like very Sunday night. And I loved teaching– it was just such a shock to start up again and the wide plans of summer that loomed ahead in June seem to fly by so fast. I love all the seasons, though this last winter made it a bit hard to love… clinging to summer days.


  5. I bore easily, so I love the change of seasons! And fall is my favorite season, which makes up for summer fading. The thing I do not like, however, is the lack of light during the winter. As you know from reading my blog, the Winter Solstice is a key moment in the year for me.. The Return Of The Light!


  6. Ah, ha! That means that winter is nearly over here and sunny days area ahead for me.
    I like Karen’s suggestion to have summer (or at least skip winter) by going to other parts of the world.


  7. I think I like the transition season’s-spring and fall are my favorite. At those times the temps are most comfortable. But, summer and winter have their pluses too. Summer outdoor activities and winter’s beauty.
    Stress I believe is of our own making. Feel hurried-Slow Down. Take a time-out. And remember nothing in this world lasts forever, neither good times nor bad.


  8. Well Diana here’s a thought, you can have the summer all year if you keep travelling to different parts of the world,… it may be an expensive option though ha!



  9. Diana, as I sit here with a dripping head cold. Wrapped in a blanket, a beanie on my head. I dream of those warmer days. But when they come summer can be a scorcher, so for me spring is my fave. Everything is new and the dreaded flies have not regained power over the skies. I can sit on my deck in a warm sun undisturbed. Heaven……Enjoy the rest of your warm days.


  10. Wring it out … every last in the moment moment :)
    The best are Indian Summers … just when we thought it was over…
    Thank you for the smile.
    And yes … I’m in denial too ;)
    Val x


    • Wearing your ‘coach’ hat I see… and of course you are absolutely correct Ian!

      Just between you, me and the wall though – I do enjoy my ‘ranting’ moments – in the moment – especially when laced in humour!

      Diana xo


  11. I so with you girl! Summer is my absolute favorite time of year – weather, schedule, workload, activites..I let it slip away so so reluctantly. Yes, get wring out every last drop summer soul sister! :)


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