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Born from an idea; a belief that an organization’s mission is most successfully carried out by engaging a healthy and vibrant community, The Other Bottom Line is finally launched!


It is an exciting new chapter. It is the beginning of a journey in the direction my heart longs to go.

It’s about inspiring others to use their gifts and skills to make a positive impact in their calling.

It’s about acting from a place of passion while inviting meaning and purpose to one’s own life.

It’s about working together with driven, like-minded people, cherishing and employing all the gifts around the table toward one common purpose.

It’s about facilitating conversation. It’s about authentic and meaningful relationships. And yes – it is also about offering my services on a project-by-project basis to local organizations in the form of term contracts and consulting.

It’s an exciting new chapter and it’s scary as hell!

I’m filled with excitement and fear – what a rush!

I know I’m taking a risk.

My brain says just go get a normal job and behave like a grown-up.

My heart urges me to press on because I believe with all my heart that I can make a difference by contributing my experience, expertise, skills and gifts toward something I am passionate about; engaging community.

I’m excited to see how The Other Bottom Line will grow and evolve

I was nervous to launch. I went back and forth with content ideas – to the point of madness. In the end, I chose to simplify The Other Bottom Line site with a  preference of letting it grow organically with input from others as they join the discussion. It goes without saying that your input and ideas are warmly welcomed today and in the coming weeks and months.

In time, I hope to feature guest bloggers, create capacity for, and empower organizations to confidently engage their communities, and empower individual community members to use their gifts. Who knows where else this could lead!

(OK Deep breath)

I am deeply grateful for all the encouragement I have received from you, my on-line community. I have been inspired every time one of you has taken a step in faith toward your own dreams. So it is with a mixture of joy and nervousness that I share The Other Bottom Line first with this community of bloggers and dear friends who have both willingly and unknowingly conspired to bring me to this point.

You enrich and bless my life more than words can say. For this I thank you.

So without further ado, let me present to you The Other Bottom Line. Please click on the image below.



“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” ~ Walt Disney