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What seems to us bitter trials are often blessings in disguise. ~ Oscar Wilde

I don’t normally post anything on Saturdays but today is a special day.

You see, 19 years ago today I was taken to the Peter Lougheed Hospital here in Calgary.

The doctor was worried.

Things weren’t the way they were supposed to be.

I was classified as “high risk” and had been undergoing numerous tests over the last 3 months.

I’d been so worried, but worrying was just adding stress and stress was exactly what I didn’t need.

I’d been given strict orders to rest, be still and calm.

I was going out of my mind.

I was restless and all this quiet time just made me think more…

and thinking more stressed me out!


But there’s a happy ending to my story.

At 6:50 pm, I gave birth to my beautiful daughter.

The doctor came to see me the next morning to congratulate us.

He hadn’t been hopeful – but we made it.

My girl’s a fighter.

She was born a fighter and she’s a strong young woman today.


Happy Birthday Angel Girl – I love you so very much!

And here for your birthday is one of my favourite photo session memories

Camera Madness 2007!

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