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A generation ago, a clever idea could run and run. We talked about Space Food Sticks and Tang and Gilligan’s Island and the Batmobile for years, even though there certainly wasn’t a lot of depth. Hit movies and books stayed on the bestseller lists for months or even years! ~ Seth Godin

Would you agree that we don’t really take time to celebrate anymore?

By the time a plan comes to fruition

we’re three steps ahead and have forgotten to rejoice in our achievements

or the joyful things that have surprised us along the way.

It saddens me.

A new idea or new way of thinking comes around

and the pendulum swings hard right and we either jump aboard or get left behind.

For example, we know that change can be good.

But has change become an ideal we practice just for the sake of change?

What happened to “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it“?

Ignoring the now…

forgetting to acknowledge the joy of the moment

is robbing us of the sheer happiness of important milestones in our personal and professional lives.

I don’t want the ‘next new thing’ to diminish the significance of the ‘right now.’

Do you?