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You may find the worst enemy or best friend in yourself. ~ English Proverb

Photo credit: maddisonvernon.com

Photo credit: maddisonvernon.com

For most of my life I’ve known the words, “…the only person you can change is YOU.”

What I mean to say by ‘known’  is that I’d heard the words, they made sense, I’ve even said them on occasion.

You know how you can know something in your head but can’t fully understand it until you know it in your heart? Until it becomes a part of you?

During this process of pursuing my vision and mission over the last several months, these words have become a part of me and have found their way to my heart.

It stands to follow that you can also choose the things you decide to believe and say about yourself.

You can point out your shortfalls, beat yourself up for your failures and you can underestimate the value you bring to the world.

Or you can believe in your purpose. You can trust in your gifts and abilities and move toward your dreams with courage and conviction.

So which do you choose?

Friend or Foe?