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Elizabeth, Diana and Ian

Elizabeth, Diana and Ian

This past Friday evening Ian who blogs over here and I met at CIBO on 17th Avenue SW in Calgary, Alberta to share a meal and come face-to-face with Elizabeth, a blogger who lives 14,069 Kilometers away on the other side of the world in Australia!

Was it awkward? Not at all! We’ve followed each others’ blogs for at least three years and we know each other well. So hugs all around were in order before I even sat down.

Elizabeth who blogs here, chose a pasta dish. Ian chose pizza with boar bacon. And I chose the gnocchi, which was scrumptiously delicious – thank you very much. Then we talked and talked about this and that – catching up with each other’s news as friends typically do. We noted the empty chair beside us. The chair Louise who blogs over here would have sat in if she were in Calgary. But Louise was in Vancouver celebrating her daughter’s wedding, which we graciously concluded was a good enough excuse for being absent. You’re welcome Louise. 😉

At one point in the conversation, Elizabeth told us that her daughter was a bit nervous about her meeting total strangers, a.k.a. me, Louise and Ian because we could be axe murderers for all she knew!

We laughed out loud. Literally. Not LOL. For real. Because we were around the same table and NOT chatting online. How cool is that?

The next day, Ian dropped Elizabeth off to meet me at Eau Claire market so we could go for a walk. We crossed the bridge onto Prince’s Island, walked west past the outdoor stage, crossed back over and headed east toward East Village. We stopped for coffee at Phil and Sebastian’s in the old Simmons Building, took our drinks outside and sat on a bench by the river to rest and chat some more.

From there we headed several blocks south to Stephen Avenue Mall, snapping photos on the way and finally taking a selfie when we got there.

Elizabeth, it was so much fun to meet you in person and hang out. I hope you enjoyed your albeit-too-cold visit to Calgary too!


Meeting long-distance bloggers is FUN.

Who’s next??

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