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THE PC UPSET IS JUST THE THING you wanted to avoid, eh?

In your opinion the PCs and the Wild Rose should have merged because the combined seats that each party won would have added up to a majority government, right?

That’s why you crossed floor, you say…well that’s what you’re saying now.

Back then you fiercely opposed the PCs because they were just plain wrong about almost everything and then rather suddenly, over night it seemed, you could find no fault with the Prentice-led Government and crossed the floor just a few short days after lambasting others for doing that very thing!

Here’s what I think.

To borrow the words of another, “Somebody’s not very good with math” –  and I don’t mean the person the words were originally meant for.

The reason people voted the way they did may have more to do with the following:

  1. You created confusion when you crossed the floor. I actually think Wild Rose may have won had you not done that – heck, I’d been thinking of voting for you and I’m a Liberal! I would like to note that the Wild Rose party didn’t do too shabby in this election though, in spite of you.
  2. Most Albertans no longer trust the PCs – too many shady dealings and all. However, some still do have faith in the Wild Rose party and saw them as a better choice than the PCs. It’s NOT a given that a conservative majority would have resulted if everybody just listened to you. It’s possible that if the two parties had merged, the NDP would have won even more seats.

Yeah, I think your math is off, Danielle.

I think you crossing the floor was probably the last nail in the PC coffin.

And for that – at least – a lot of us are grateful to you.

Put that in your book.