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Good Morning y’all!

The weather in Calgary has been outstanding!

For days now the weather has been…well it’s been like summer and there’s no rain in our immediate future.

Needless to say, I’ve been out there enjoying the sun as much as I can. For this reason, and a few others I did not post Diana’s Enormous Book of Quotes  on Sunday.


Seriously, it is the first time I’ve missed a Sunday Post since I’ve started! I actually had tinges of guilt about it until I gave my head a shake and forgave myself. But even more shocking – I haven’t spent nearly as much time as I would like reading your posts!

You forgive me, right?

It’s not been all Fun and Games  though

Along with taking every opportunity to enjoy the sun, I’ve been fine-tuning content for The Other Bottom Line (soon to be launched, I hope)  and finalizing just what it is I’m wanting to do with my future.

This has been occupying my thoughts a lot and my whiteboard is definitely getting its share of action!


I also eked out some time to visit my daughter in Camrose. I’m so proud of her. She’s working 2 jobs and finally found a place to live where she can be herself. She has two awesome roommates and all 3 take care of each other like a family. I could just kick myself for not taking pictures. I love you Michaela – thanks for taking me in and for our lovely visit!

Dad and Mom on their anniversary last year

Dad and Mom on their anniversary last year

I called my parents yesterday to wish them a Happy Anniversary. 54 years is nothing to sneeze at and in a world where long marriages seem rarer and rarer, it truly is something to celebrate. Way to go Mom and Dad – congratulations and may you share another 54 years together!

When I think about it, I guess I’ve been living in the moment  a bit better than I usually manage to do and that is definitely a good thing.


How do you ensure that you are living in the moment?