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Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die ~ Carrie Fisher

Does that even make sense?

You could spend a lifetime analyzing where things went wrong and who is to blame.

You could ponder the what ifs until the end of time.Desolate_Wasteland_by_zevensoft

Turn it all over in your mind a hundred times convinced that your life would have been better if he hadn’t betrayed you

if you had never met her, if she’d never been born

if they had never moved into your town.

Only you will suffer

inviting bitterness into your life.


Or you could shake off the dust

shake off your anger

shake off your hatred

and start a new day with a smile on your face, love in your heartpeaceful-place

and a new and stronger determination to be what you want to find in this world.

You can choose to forgive

take the lessons you’ve learned and move on

stay true to who you are.

You will shine in vibrant beauty and draw goodness to you

inviting joy into your life.

It’s your choice.


Be filled with peace