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“He who speaks the truth must have one foot in the stirrup.” ~ American Proverb

I don’t say 80% of what’s in my head. Those who have known me for years would say that’s a good thing.

It wasn’t always like that.

When I was younger I just blurted everything out – uncensored.

Things I said strained friendships that were important to me.

Things I said started huge fights.

Things I said got thrown back in my face and were painfully rubbed in.

I got older, maybe a bit wiser and learned that saying everything I think…

when I think it can really hurt people.

So more and more I’d think before I spoke and sometimes I chose not to speak at all.

When I took a moment to think about it…

it made sense not to say it.

Often I realized I was wrong and was thankful I didn’t say it.

Probably a good thing…

but in the last few years I’ve been thinking that maybe I’ve gone too far.

Bad things happen when good people do/say nothing and all that.

Maybe I haven’t said things that needed saying.

Maybe I need to re-think my thinking.

What do you think?