Even when she’s grumpy (if you can call it that) Mindfuldiary exudes positivenesspositivity…she has a great attitude toward life!

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick

In her own words, Mindfuldiary  says:

Glad that you clicked by my blog! Wondering what am I about?? I really love reading (spiritual)books, write, watch movies with a good message or the ones that make me laugh loud and ugly. I enjoy red wine, can’t live without my morning coffee, books, libraries and I love travelling. I try to keep a positive attitude in life, live in the present moment, not to plan too much and remember to just enjoy the journey of the life. These are improving by an hour. ;D

Mindfuldiary has written herself a message on a post-it note to remind herself of the importance of now and stuck it on her fridge. You can read all about what it means to her by clicking the following link.

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The Good Life by Mindfuldiary

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