I first came across Beth over at I didn’t have my glasses on via my Syracuse friend, Mark B. Beth’s easy and poetic writing style takes me along on her journey through life. Easy to read and always delightful, Beth says so much with so few words.

In Beth’s own words:

Hello, I am the mother of grown daughters, with grandchildren galore, an enthusiastic dater, a lover of the arts, a teacher, a cupcake maker, a Twister and Trivia champ, and most of all, a keen observer of life.  I enjoy being a part of the twists and turns that occur while wandering through everyday events. Many of these happenstances leave me asking, “Why?”  While I have been told, more than once, that the reason things have or haven’t happened in my life is because I had no glasses on, rest assured that even if I did have my glasses on, the answers would quite often be unclear. This site is simply an observation, and while blurry at times, an honest attempt to make some sense of it all. Enjoy the ride – Beth

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Beth shares a most interesting fact about a certain tree frog…

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I’m hopping off to San Diego for an early spring long weekend thaw by I didn’t have my glasses on


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