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Today’s post is inspired, in part, by a recent blog I read on simple pleasures by Broadside.

To read her post, click here.

It reminded me that a lot of the things that bring joy to me are really quite simple.

Activities that cost little or nothing at all.


I’m not really a morning person. But I love when I wake up early on the weekend, especially in the summer.

I open my sliding door to the quiet street

listening while the birds are singing, I sip my morning coffee

and the sun warms my face.


Walking is one of my great joys.  I can choose nature walks, explore 17th Ave or go downtown.

Stephen Avenue, Calgary.

Stephen Avenue, Calgary. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like leaving my Blackberry at home.

No phone calls, no texts, no facebook updates, no tweets.

Just me and my thoughts and the beauty or goings-on of my neighbourhood to inspire and refresh me.

Your blogs

More than newspapers

I enjoy reading the thoughts of people on the blogs I follow.

Often I am struck with the realization of just how similar we all are.

I feel connected with my ‘blogging’ brothers and sisters.

I admire the courage of those who are struggling. I am ignited by the passions of those who are driven with purpose.

I’m reduced to tears of laughter by those gifted with a funny bone. And I treasure the stories of each and every one of you as if they were a part of you – perhaps they are.

Rotic Dates


Rotic, a term first coined by my friend Carmen.

Rotic is Romantic without the ‘man.

A rotic evening can be spent with my girlfriends sharing a meal together or going out dancing.

Or trying out a new recipe, eating the meal and drinking a glass of wine by myself.

Being a tour guide

On Canada Day I had the pleasure of showing off my great city to my friend John who lives in Alaska.

Olympic Plaza in the Arts District

Olympic Plaza in the Arts District (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

John is on a motorcycle vacation and has passed through

Washington State, the provinces of British Columbia and Alberta

with a pit stop here in Calgary. In the next few days he

will be heading to Banff and Jasper

and then eventually back up to Alaska.

We did a walking tour through downtown Calgary.

We walked the Red Mile, and then down to Olympic Plaza and Prince’s Island Park and then back up to my neighbourhood.

We encountered hundreds of people, and took in the scent of blooming flowers and the mouth-watering aromas of scrumptious food.

We probably walked 80 blocks that day!


When I need to think things through or just clear my head, I’ve always been drawn to water.

Here in Calgary, I most often end up at the Elbow River close to where I live.

I love the way the sunlight dances on the moving river.

How the ducks and geese land and take off from the river.

I love watching the joggers and cyclists who take advantage of the pathways winding through our city.

Sandy Beach in SW Calgary

And I take it all in while pushing myself back and forth on a swing.


I’ve always loved writing.

Sharing my experiences and stories in the written word.

Being able to express my thoughts,

and encourage conversation.

Writing enhances and fuels my passion to relate with, promote and speak community.

N.B. I would like to take this opportunity to wish my neighbours to the South a very Happy 4th of July!

What are some of your favourite things?