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“Enough is abundance to the wise.” – Euripides

Photo credit: nbmaa.wordpress.com

Photo credit: nbmaa.wordpress.com

Have you ever thought to yourself, “If only I could get _____________, that would be enough.”  

Have you ever then attained that which you desired?

Was it enough?

Or having grown accustomed to this new level of possession, have you wanted more?

Do you think if you get more, it will be enough? Or will you want even more?


When I got my first apartment, my parents allowed me to take my bedroom furniture. I leaned a mattress against the living room wall and threw myself into it when I needed a couch. I built a bookshelf with bricks and planks of wood. My end table was a plastic crate. I never expected to have what my parents had at the time, what they’d worked hard to have. I knew I’d have to work for that. I was so happy in my little apartment. Life is so good when you have enough.


Do you define abundance by the measure of your possessions?

Or do you define abundance by the measure of your satisfaction with the wealth you already have?