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The view from my balcony

One yellow, one green

Fall and summer and in between

Bye, bye summer, how great you’ve been.

I love summer. I love the sunshine. I love the heat.

But all good things must come to an end.

So in an effort to console myself, I went for a walk, camera in tow, to capture the beauty of fall.

With every picture I snapped,  I was energized by the beauty around me.

Taking a camera made me look – actually look at the beauty around me.

I took 70 pictures and saved the best ones for you.

My neighbour’s yard

I love my neighbour’s house. I even like that this fence is in dire need of a paint job, it looks more vintage this way. It’s a 100-year-old house which means it’s been around as long as the greatest outdoor show in the world; The Calgary Stampede and Exhibition.

The curb in front of my place

An old hotel converted into condos at the end of my street

You might recognize the tops of these buildings as they’re featured on my banner photograph at the top of my blog. I once got a glimpse inside and it has those old elevators with the gate that you have to pull open and the apartments have hardwood floors and 7′ ceilings.

Summer still holding on

These flowers continue to hang on, mostly because, although it’s autumn we are still having summer like temperatures. It was around 25c (77f) this day. These flowers got me thinking about how I’m holding on to the summer of my life. At 49, it would seem I’m more in the fall of my life now…well really, really early fall!

Look at that berry!

I’m no photographer but I was very impressed with this photo! I like how clear and crisp it is in the forefront and how it blurs in the background. Wish I could say that was intentional but…

I have noticed how all the photogs mention what type of camera they have and although I’m not in their class by a far shot…I have a finepix Z, it’s set to ‘automatic’ and slides nicely into the front pocket of my jeans! 😉

I remember blowing these seeds when I was little

Blowing these seeds, holding buttercups under my chin and chewing on the sweet nectar of clovers all hold the most wonderful childhood memories for me.

Hey, I guess that’s when I was in the spring of my life. 🙂

Looking up through the branches

I stood under this tree and aimed up. You can’t really tell by this photo but the sky was completely clear.

The dead wood adorned

Don’t tell anyone, but I actually stepped onto private property to take this shot. I just love this dead piece of wood in their front yard and how pretty it looks with the yellow leaves.

A solitary leaf rests on the roots of the tree

A solitary leaf under the tree it probably fell from. I tripped on these roots and became aware of this leaf as if it was vying for my attention so I snapped a picture.

joyful colours hug the trunk

This is one of my favourite shots of the day. I love the colours and couldn’t have set it up to look prettier if I tried!

oops is that my shadow bottom right?

These brilliantly red berries caught my eye

These berries look juicy enough to eat but they’re poisonous from what I’ve heard. Does anyone know what they are?

One of the side streets near my home

Yes, summer is ending and I’ve been really sad about it. But on this day I’ve seen the beauty of autumn and have marveled at it. And just like fall reveals new wonders, perhaps there are wonders yet to be revealed in the autumn of my life.

What is your favourite season?