Her blog title says it all – momentum of joy. There is a light-hearted quality about her writing that feeds my soul. Her posts are full of wisdom and great advice.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick

In her own words, momentum of joy says:

I don’t feel like I am withering into nothingness and needing to order a rascal. And if I did order a rascal, I would totally have it tricked out with streamers and wicked paint and a crazy horn – Honk hoooonk! Move over kids! Mama needs to get to the corn flakes!

I have to say I totally agree! I want to have child-like fun and energy my whole life. Playing and having fun are so important. We got enough grown-up things we need to tend to. Make time to be playful – it’s also an important part of healthy living.

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In the Mirror by momentum of joy

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