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Blessed is (s)he who has learned to laugh at (her)himself, for (s)he shall never cease to be entertained. ~ John Powell

I’ve got this almost-paralyzing fear of looking foolish.

So why – of all the people in the world – do I do it so often?

Say I’m walking down the street and I trip or slip on ice…

I immediately shoot back up…

into an upright position,

as if nothing happened, and resume walking

regardless of whether I’m in pain or bleeding profusely!

I do all this while scanning a 3-block radius to make sure I wasn’t seen.


I was waiting for my suitcase to arrive, having just travelled on a direct flight from Calgary to Los Angeles.

All my co-workers already had their luggage.

One colleague asked me what colour mine was and I said,

“…it’s red and it will have a Calgary tag on it…

This drew an amused look from my colleague

and he silently watched

for realization to dawn on my face…

Ohhhh every bag has a Calgary tag

All of us there had just travelled on a direct flight from Calgary to Los Angeles

I had to laugh

Can you laugh at yourself?