I’ve been following the eff stop for some time now. She’s an awesome photographer and tells beautiful stories that complement her photos. I get a little ‘lift me up’ with every post. There is no doubt in my mind – this is one creative lady.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick

In her own words, the eff stop says:

My grandparents had a set of salt shakers like this on their TV in the living room. They would rearrange the figures and joke that Grandpa must have really messed up, because Grandma was not even willing to look at him. In truth, the salt shakers were about as angry as I ever saw them get with each other. I would scoot the figure closer and closer until they were kissing once again.

I love how in this post the eff stop shares a story about how nature seems to mimic a memory from her childhood.

Go ahead and visit the link below

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Two little birdies, sittin’ in a tree, k-i-s-s-i-n-g…  – by the eff stop

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