A few days ago, I read the post I’m featuring as my Friday Pick today. I was deeply moved by the raw honesty expressed in this post and the deep gratitude it inspired in the writer of the Renegade Press. Depression and suicide are often a taboo subject and I admire Chris’ courage to express his own experience here. I’m sure many others who feel the same way, will find comfort in knowing they are not alone.

In Chris’ own words:

Chris Nicholas is a twenty seven year old student and author from Brisbane, Australia who often refers to himself as an aggressively creative world eater. Priding himself on his willingness to challenge his own preconceptions and push the boundaries of his ambitions, he aims to create beautiful literature that will inspire his audience to do the same.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Chris shares his deep gratitude for those who stood by him when he needed them the most…

Ubuntu by The Renegade Press


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