It’s probably no surprise to anyone who has read my blog that I am drawn to optimists. And the writer of Destined for Greatness sure fits that bill. I hope you enjoy the post I’ve chosen for this week’s Friday Pick and perhaps, like me, you will decide to click her follow button once you read it. Enjoy!

In Destined for Greater Thing’s own words:

…I write based on my life as a highschool teacher (a career I absolutely love); my daily experiences; my own life’s challenges; and through the information that I have learned by reading articles, literature, and watching documentaries that explore self-growth.  I’m a positive thinker (train myself to be when I’m not) and my inquisitive mind about life has led me here.…

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Destined for Greater Things shares the good news that we have more say in our happiness than we might think… 

Checklist for Happiness by Destined for Greater Things


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