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“I want an iPad mini 4 for work,” I said to my boss one day after having decided to take the social media portion of my job up a level.

“Trouble is we have PCs at work and iPads aren’t that compatible with them,” he replied.  So my boss did a bit of research himself and sent me to talk to his contact, Adam at Memory Express.

Well between the two of them, they convinced me the Galaxy Tab S2 was the way to go and I am pretty impressed with it so far.

So here, for your viewing pleasure are some of the photos I’ve taken over the last little while. I’m still learning about, and experimenting with the Galaxy Tab and hopefully my skills will improve with time.

Here's my friend Susan with her totally hippified car

Here’s my friend Susan with her totally hippified car

I took this picture after Susan facilitated a workshop on trauma and addiction for me and my co-workers last week.

I took these two photos recently at a celebration of life event honouring my childhood friend Josee.


I’ve traveled to meet with them, or they have traveled to meet with me. It’s been a catching up with others month!

And below are some fall shots I’ve taken in my neighbourhood over the last few weeks.

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How’s fall treating you in your neck of the woods?