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Nothing is worth more than this day.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

…or more precisely perhaps, than this moment.

Children know this. All you have to do is watch them happy at play and you’ll see it. They are alive in the moment. Nothing else exists. The joy of this very moment is written all over their wide-eyed little faces.

Recently, I saw the movie, Peaceful Warrior. In a nutshell it’s about a cocky, but talented college gymnast who ends up having a bad accident that ruins his shot at the Olympics. While he’s feeling sorry for himself, he meets a stranger who changes his way of thinking. He teaches the gymnast that a warrior never gives up on what he loves. He does what he loves in the moment, without thought of where he’ll end up. He cares about others. There is no greater purpose than service.

At the movie’s end, the gymnast is about to try out for the Olympics and he hears the stranger’s voice ask three questions which he answers as follows:

Where are you? Here.

What time is it? Now.

What are you? This moment


Those questions have stuck with me