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You know that feeling you get when you are able to trust a person or business; that sense of calm and ‘all is well in the world-ness’ that washes over you?

I’ve never been big on trust. For most of my life I thought I was – you know as in, “everyone starts with a clean slate and I take them at face value until they prove otherwise.”

It’s funny how you can be so wrong about yourself. It took a friend, a few years back to point out that I actually make people work, so to speak, to earn my trust. I’m not demanding about it or anything, but I do stand back and cautiously observe a person or service provider before I fully place my trust in them.

But once I trust, like my father before me, I am fiercely loyal to the person or business in which I place my trust.

A visit to my mechanic yesterday is what prompted me to write about trust today. I’ve heard many stories of women being taken advantage of when it comes to car maintenance; being charged for things they don’t really need, for example.

Over the years, the place I go to deal with my car woes has proven to me that they have integrity by the service they provide and their honesty in regards to what is needed and what is not. And that gives me peace, for which I am so grateful.

People and businesses that are trustworthy inspire me to be trustworthy as well, to work to earn the trust of the people I care about and do business with.

Because trust is so foundational in any relationship, isn’t it?


Do you trust easily or do you make people work to earn it? When you do trust, are you a loyal customer?