The other day I found Mark Goodson’s blog the MIRACLE of the Mundane in the Twitter feed I manage for work. I am always looking for inspiring recovery posts that I can share with our residents and supporters. Today, I read the post that I have chosen for my Friday Pick. I know you will find it just as inspiring as I did. Enjoy.

In Marks’s own words:

Merriam-Webster—through its definition of the mundane—defines ordinary life as dull. I find ordinary life to be a miracle. My poetry, essays, and creative non-fiction exalt the every day, qualify the quotidian. Writing has made being sober more than just being sober. I invite you to follow this blog and connect with me on social media—to join me in discovering what makes the ordinary so extraordinary, and the mundane miraculous.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Mark pens a brilliantly inspirational story and uses it as a metaphor for sobriety…  

Pummelled by the MIRACLE of the MUNDANE


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