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Men easily believe what they want to.

Latin Proverb

I like to think that I’m pretty open-minded. That for the most part I will at least hear you out when you have a different opinion about something.

But the truth is if I feel strongly about something, I will dismiss your thoughts within the first few seconds of you opening your mouth. I will even go so far as to find scientific data that supports my view!  And I’m willing to bet that this is true of you as well.

We easily believe what we want to believe.

But it doesn’t mean if you don’t agree with me you are against me or if I don’t agree with you I am against you. It doesn’t mean that we cannot connect on common ground elsewhere. It doesn’t mean we cannot respect, care for, or love each other.

Yes there are things we may not agree on – big things – things we are passionate about; things that get our blood boiling and make us emotional.

But the number of things we do agree on like basic human kindness, compassion and dignity far outnumber the things we disagree on.