I received an email from good friend John Buller recently inviting me to check out a blog called Messy Notes managed by fellow Calgarian Abe Janzen. So as soon as I got back to Calgary from visiting with family in Montreal Quebec and East Hawkesbury Ontario I did just that. Immediately I was drawn to Abe’s vulnerable and authentic-true-to-himself writing style. I hope you will be as well and choose to click follow just as I have done.

In Abes’s own words:

What I seem to run into, the longer I am walking and breathing, is how messy it all is, and how lovely and inviting it is to live.  Almost mysterious and also so maybe not!  I have been struggling w a serious health issue for a number of months and at one time,  not long ago, Kathy, my wife, asked if I ever think that I might not get better.  “All the time”, I said.  And then I added a bit later … “you know what I so want … I just want to be alive.”  To run errands, to go to work, to drop a coat at the drycleaners, to grab a morning coffee on the way to work, to be hungry, to read the Calgary Herald before I do anything in the morning, to play w Joshua and Olivia, to do little renovations projects w Kathy in the house … lousy as I am at doing them.   Being unable this last little while, to enjoy most of those ordinary disconnected and maybe incoherent centerpieces of living, makes me realize how much they are exactly that … the centerpieces.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Abe talks about how the church and government need to work more cooperatively to address the needs of refugees …

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Aid and paying attention by Messy Notes


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