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In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.

Margaret Atwood

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy – I love spring! It makes me so happy that if I were a dog, not only would I be wagging my tail, my whole back-end would be wagging.

In the spring, even when it’s overcast, like it was on Saturday, I want to be OUTSIDE!

So what? It's overcast. Look at all the green leaves!

So what? It’s overcast. Look at all the green leaves!

And pictures look sharper when it’s overcast, don’t you think?

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And then just when I’m thinking that it couldn’t get any better, Sunday brings with it the sun and now it’s flip-flop-summer-clothes-wearing-heaven!

So after I published my regularly scheduled DIANA’S ENORMOUS BOOK OF QUOTES post. I headed outside to take it all in. And I’m so happy that if I were a cat I’d be purring so loud you’d think I was a tractor-trailer!

The red fake bike catches my eye!

The red fake bike catches my eye!

Oh look at those bikes outside the Good Earth Café. It would be a GREAT spring day to ride a bike. Yes, a fine day to ride a bike. I WANT A BIKE!

Just around the corner I spotted Del and Doug, momentarily forgetting about bikes because I haven’t seen them in a long, long while.

After catching up with D & D I continued on down 11th Street to 13th Ave where I turned right and snapped this shot.

Carl Saffron Building

Carl Saffron Building

See those box looking things? I dream of convincing six strangers to stand on them one day, so I can take a picture of them. I think it would be cool, if they all do different poses, look in different directions – It would look like a 60s album cover!

I continued to 8th Street and turned left and then right on 11th Avenue.

But the best part of the day, and oh this made me so happy that if I were a young foal I’d be kicking up my front, then hind legs and prancing all around the paddock, I bought a BIKE – a very cool bike!


And it WAS a very GOOD day for a BIKE ride!


What do you like to do in the spring? Do you have a bike? Has it been warm where you live?