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Silent gratitude isn’t much use to anyone

Gladys Stern

I think we all pretty much agree that when we are grateful for the things and beautiful people we do have in our lives, we feel richer.

I grew up learning that life is not always fair and it may be one of the most important lessons I’ve ever learned. Each time I’ve come face to face with an injustice, I had the important choice of remaining in a state of despair or being grateful for the resources available to me to work through it.

When we are intentional about turning our thoughts away from what we do not have toward what we do have, we are given the strength to endure and overcome our struggles.

Recognizing this truth is a blessing to those who embrace it.

Yet if we just recognize it without speaking our gratitude to those who give us strength, we miss a wonderful opportunity to bring joy to others.

So when someone lightens our load, do we express our thanks to them? When we hear someone say something good about another, do we tell them?


Is there somebody you should thank today?