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colorful sunset

The world stands aside to let anyone pass who knows where they are going.

David Star Jordan

When someone takes on an important cause and knows exactly what they’re meant to do. When they are focused on where they are going and what they will accomplish. When they can see how the world will look when their mission is completed and paint a clear picture of it. When they can passionately articulate it to others. When they care so much about the world and they, dare I say it, love the people. They naturally draw followers to them.

The world stands aside for someone like this. For someone whose fiery passion catches and ignites in the hearts of the people, whose words inspire compassion and service, whose faith and commitment remain strong so that they do not deviate from their mission, whose servant leadership exemplifies how it should be done and keeps them on the frontlines with those who follow, whose very life is a testament to their work.

Yes, the world stands aside for someone like this.

Happy Easter Everyone!


This holiday season, may you experience new life, new growth and renewed hope.