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You don’t look like a crack whore!

Me, Kathie, Carmen and Adele at the Breakfast Company, Calgary AB

Me, Kathie, Carmen and Adele at the Breakfast Company, Calgary AB

Now that I’ve got your attention with my shocking title and quote, I want to tell you about my friends.

You know those friends you’ve known for a long time but hardly get to see, maybe once a year if you’re lucky, yet when you do see them it’s as if you haven’t been apart, you just continue where you left off?

They’re the friends that know life can get busy because it’s busy for them too, so no hard feelings if you haven’t kept in touch.

I first met the lovely ladies in the photo above at the Mustard Seed where we all volunteered and worked at some point in our lives. I’m the oldest in the quartet and was the last to join the foursome in 1990.

Anyway, Adele contacted us a few weeks back to see if we’d like to do brunch together and we all jumped on the opportunity. So this past Saturday we met at the Breakfast Company on Edmonton Trail ‘to do brunch’.

Old friends are somewhat like family in the sense that when they get together after a long period of time, they revert to who they were back then. We are no different.

We did some catching up to find out who was working where and doing what. We talked about Kathie’s company, how my attempt at self-employment didn’t work out. How Carmen took a media communications class at SAIT, but it was very hard to get a job in that field and the work that Adele is doing around mental health and addiction at the hospital.

I told them of a cartoon I saw recently of a folk singer on stage with a guitar and the caption read, “This next song is about giving up on your dream so you can pay the rent.” We all laughed.

We talked about losing our dads and how that affected our moms and changed each of us forever.  Sadly, one of the ladies has also lost her mom.

We talked about how I am the oldest of us four and Carmen is the youngest and Adele has the youngest looking hands and I have the oldest looking hands (too much sun bathing I guess).

We talked about the birthday trip that Kathie is going on next month with fellow students from the university she attended, all of them have their birthdays within the same week of each other.

This led to a discussion about how gross passport pictures are because you’re not allowed to smile. We surmised that the deer-in-the-headlight photos that result are exactly what we would look like if we were nervous going through customs because we had drugs or something. We bemoaned the fact that we are not allowed to smile on our driver’s license anymore either.  We even passed around our licenses to each other and analyzed the photos!

At the end of brunch, as we hugged out our goodbyes, we expressed a desire to get together more often. We’ll see how that works out. If not, it’ll be ok because we know that life can get busy – no hard feelings.


I suppose I should explain the title and opening quote.

When the waitress came to take our orders, she asked Carmen how she would like her eggs. Carmen said, “You know, fried… like over-easy but with the yolk cooked… ” “You mean over-hard,” said the waitress with a smirk.

During brunch I told the group that I looked like a crack whore in my passport photo. Later when we passed our driver’s licenses around, someone yelled out, “You don’t look like a crack whore!”

After brunch, on the sidewalk…

“I should call this post Over-easy, Hard – You don’t look like a crack whore!


Ahh I’m not brave enough to do that.”

“DO IT!!!!”

(shrug) “Ok.”