Loved this and want to share it with all you wonderful folks who are writing books.

I’m no book writer, but I ‘ve struggled with cutting parts of what I write when I’ve bonded with it – you know what I mean, even though I know keeping it takes away from the finished product…


Tuesday I was soaring high. In the morning, I had a conversation with myself in the car – if you’re a writer, you have a lot of conversations with yourself; there’s really no point in feeling embarrassed about it – after all, what is writing, if not a series of conversations with one’s self? At least, that’s the way it starts. First we tell ourselves the story, then we tell it to others.

The conversation with myself in the car came on the heels of a satisfying writing session – one in which I finished off a scene describing a hot-headed plumber who threatens to cave in the skull of a man he believes stole a tool from him. The conversation between me and myself went something like this:

”Did you see that? Did you see what we just did?”

”Of course I saw it. I was there, remember? Change…

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