I was poking around WordPress yesterday and stumbled across Mostly Monochrome. I really admire good photography, and you’ll definitely find it there. And here’s the deal, he doesn’t use a digital camera. He uses 35mm film in his secondhand cameras and shoots mostly in black and white.

In Mostly Monochrome’s own words:

The majority of my equipment is second-hand.  You get a much better model for your money and you can take risks with a £100 film SLR that you can’t take with a £1 0000 DSLR.  Like hanging it off the side of a tall building by the camera strap on a timer to see what you get, or taking it in the sea with you.  Of course you can’t instantly copy, edit and upload to the internet with GPS coordinates but, have some patience, the photos will turn up eventually.

This week, I’ve chosen the post below as my Friday Pick.

In this post Mostly Monochrome showcases a photo of a dancer wearing a stunning costume…

Go ahead and visit the link below

and tell Mostly Monochrome Diana sent you…

Dancer by Mostly Monochrome


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