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How do we create a viral video? How do we get everyone to come onboard with our plan? How do we get people excited about our campaign? How do we start a movement?

Well it’s not gonna happen by creating a clever ad that no one but you understands, or presenting a logical argument to folks who don’t care about what you’re doing, or creating a boring, wordy, just-the-facts-ma’am document – you may get an initial response, but it will soon fizzle out.

Movements always start as a result of someone who has had-it-up-to-here with the way things are and passionately believes in their vision for a better world. This person’s fiery passion is contagious and quickly spreads in the hearts of others who also want change.

There is no formula for creating a movement.

There is no strategic plan that will achieve a movement.

It is an emotional response to an unacceptable situation or way of doing things.

It is a uniting of hearts and common purpose to change the status quo that creates a movement.

I love this short-and-to-the-point TED Talk on how to start a movement by Derek Siver!

So, to recap…

  1. One lone nut courageously steps forward.
  2. The first follower transforms the lone nut into a leader.
  3. The leader embraces the follower as an equal.
  4. Another follower makes it three and that’s news! (Now it’s public)
  5. More followers come. They emulate the first follower, not the leader.
  6. The fence-sitters come, this is the tipping point, now we have a movement.
  7. As more people join in, it becomes less risky for others to join in.
  8. Eventually, it becomes uncool not to join in, but there’s still time if you hurry!

I don’t think I’ve ever personally been that lone nut leader that courageously stands up and delivers their vision, but I’ve certainly been that first follower many a time!


When you believe in something, do you passionately step forward to the point of risking ridicule? When you find a lone nut doing something great, do you have the courage to be the first to follow?