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As most of you know, I started working at Oxford House Foundation of Canada as their Development Coordinator in May.

Essentially, I am the fundraiser, community engager, the Talker as one of my co-workers recently declared, and whatever else is required to help out when needed.

And I am happy to do it!

It would be somewhat of an understatement if I were to say I love it there, but I’m not quite sure how to say it differently.

All I know is that the people I work with were quick to welcome me to the Oxford family, and their passion and commitment for the organization and the work they do is inspiring.

They make me want to do a really, really good job!

For those of you who do not know, Oxford House is a network of 30 houses in Calgary and Edmonton that provide homes for over 140 men and women who are in recovery from addictions.

The concept is simple. Contribute your share of the household’s expenses and chores. Stay clean and sober. Join the workforce and take your life back.

Recovery is possible in an Oxford Home. And men and women in recovery benefit greatly from the peer-to-peer support they find in each other and the support they receive from dedicated staff who have lived experience, most of whom are also alumni of an Oxford home!

It takes hands to build a house. It takes hearts to build a home.

It takes hands to build a house. It takes hearts to build a home.

Speaking of home. It’s been the talk around our proverbial water cooler lately.

Our Oxford family has really embraced the word home.

Because we know that a house is just four walls. It keeps out the weather.

It provides security from the outside world. It gives you a place to be when there’s nowhere else to go.

But a home…

that’s where friends and family gather.

A home is where you can put your feet up and relax.

Home is where you sit around the table, eat a meal together, share your hopes and your dreams, ask for advice. Cry until you laugh. Laugh until you cry.

Home is where you can challenge others to be their best and also be challenged yourself toward the same end.

Yeah, sure, sometimes it hurts, but it comes from people who care and that makes it a precious gift.

Yes, home has become a theme; in our houses and at the office. Whenever we talk about programs or events or gatherings, we think about how to create a sense of home.

What images are conjured up when you think of home? What’s your favourite childhood memory of home? Does it seem  like I’m picking your brain for more images of home? So what? We’re all friends here, right? ❤


What does home mean to you?