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Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them? – Abe Lincoln

How To Destroy Your Enemies

  1. You could dig up dirt on them and leak it to the public
  2. You could study them to determine their weaknesses and chip away at them until they break under the pressure
  3. You could study them to determine what/who they love and cut them off from it/them
  4. You could gather data to prove that they are wrong about something and discredit them
  5. You could bear false witness against them, thereby inviting the unjustified wrath of others
  6. You could harm them in some way and render them useless
  7. Or you could enter into a conversation with them to find out what you have in common and take it from there…

Often when disagreements surface, we feel we must clobber down those who work against us and their ideas.

We’re afraid if we don’t, we won’t get our way.

We want to win.

If we really want to win, we should start where we agree and work forward from there. And if we’re really lucky, the end result will be better than either side could have imagined alone.

(c) Ferens Art Gallery; Supplied by The Public Catalogue Foundation