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AS OF 2:22AM LOCAL TIME, it is now fall. And the weatherman promises a summer-like day in the 20s Celsius, or for my neighbours to the south, the low 70s Fahrenheit.

I’ve squeezed out every last drop of summer in the last couple of weeks.

Every weekend, every evening that was warm and sunny, I was out there wearing that summer dress, wearing those shorts and tees, wearing those flip-flops as if it were the last time I would be able to do so.

There were some chilly days too. Days where I grudgingly pulled a pair of socks out of the drawer and paired them with closed-toe shoes. Like on September 13 when me and my colleagues represented Oxford House at Recovery Day.

It’s hard to believe that it was a hot 27c/81f the day before the event. It was so chilly that Sunday, but the warmth and welcoming attitude of the good folks who attended the Recovery Day event made up for the chilled-to-the-bone rain.

The following weekend, Calgary hosted Beakerhead – a unique event that is a crossroads of art, science and engineering. The weekend’s weather was sunny and warm and worthy of Diana’s Stamp of Approval!

And over on 17th Avenue…

You've heard of the Cloud but have you heard these sound clouds?

You’ve heard of the Cloud but have you heard these sound clouds?

When walking through those clouds, one’s movements elicits musical sounds.

See that homeless man on the left with his arms reaching up? His movements created a StarTrek like futuristic musical concert.

When I walked through, it sounded like the worst Blackberry alarm-waking sound ever! But I deserved it, I did sort of just haphazardly march through the clouds.

Another favourite park of mine is located beside the Dr. Carl Safran building on 13th Avenue.

I missed the opportunity to get a few shots of two people who were doing handstands and cartwheels – they were amazingly athletic!

But I did capture the following shots:

A group of twenty-somethings who live near the park brought drums and games and muffins and coffee so that they could meet their neighbours and create a sense of community.

How cool is that??

They will be back next Sunday and the Sunday after that for more opportunities to connect with locals.

Yes. Today is the first day of fall. But the weatherman promises temperatures in the 20s. And I will continue to grab every opportunity to wear sundresses, shorts and tees and flip-flops until such time when pulling out socks from the drawer and wearing closed-toe shoes becomes a full-time requirement.

Until then, a few more pictures from my neighbourhood.

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How are you spending your last days of summer-like weather?