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My brother shared this video on Facebook the other day with the following preamble:

Wow, this was a real tough one for me to watch. I realise that Germany was the aggressor and I`m not trying to comment on the outcome. This is the first time I have seen the post war Berlin in moving picture. In 1945 my Mom and Dad were 7 and 11 respectively. They grew up in Berlin. I remember them telling me stories of rubble in the street and how people lived. The fact that they even survived, is a testament to their strength and resilience. My parents went on to make a new life here in Canada. May this never happen again. Please watch it, there are no winners in this type of conflict.

We’ve heard so many stories from Mom and Dad over the years…

like the time dad stole a horse from the Russians and it was butchered by his family and neighbours so they could eat.

how one night you’d have potato soup and the next night you’d have potato peel soup.

or the time when Mom accepted chocolate from a Russian soldier.

how you could buy cake crumbs for a few phennig just to have something in your belly.

or the time they were sitting around the table when the windows imploded because a bomb had been dropped nearby.


I cannot imagine the affect war had on my parents. And after viewing this video, I’m reminded how blessed I am to never have experienced war in my lifetime in my country.

As my brother Michael states: May this never happen again. There are no winners in this type of conflict.


I many times thought Peace had come
When Peace was far away
As Wrecked Men—deem they sight the Land
At Centre of the Sea

And struggle slacker—but to prove
As hopelessly as I
How many the fictitious Shores
Before the Harbor be  

Emily Dickinson