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View from the Bow Pathway in Inglewood

My friend Helga and I set out on foot to check out the new and improved St. Patrick’s Island on Sunday afternoon.

We left her Inglewood home shortly after 1PM and headed to the Bow Pathway by the Inglewood Bird Sanctuary.

We followed the pathway along the Bow River toward the Weir.

The Weir had been reconstructed to create a whitewater adventure for Kayakers, but unfortunately the 2013 flood undid all the hard work that was done for this project.

Just below the Weir, seagulls were resting on the rocks.

Just below the Weir, if you squint you can see seagulls perched on the rocks.

I was pleasantly surprised and impressed with the new outlook that was built at the Weir though, and we climbed the stairs to admire the view.


We climbed the stairs to the lookout

It was a perfect day for a walk.

The lookout, mostly constructed with stone, includes comfortable benches and little nooks and crannies that I have no doubt delight and capture the imagination of children who visit.

The fast flowing river below and gentle cool breeze blowing through my hair on this 25c/77f day filled me with such a sense of contentment.

View from the top of the outlook

View from the top of the stairs

From the Weir we continued down the pathway until we reached 12th Street to cross the bridge to the zoo.

From there we continued east through the back parking lot to the entrance of St. Patrick’s Island.

To be honest, I wasn’t getting my hopes up. I was skeptical about the rebuild of St. Patrick’s Island. I was nervous that it might be turned into a concrete park.

But they did a good job!

From the tables at the entrance laid out with  board games inviting people to sit and play, to the natural pathway along the river, to picnic tables, and playgrounds, hills to roll down, Zen-like resting spots, and a beautiful wading area where we stopped to cool our feet in the water; the City of Calgary did good!

We decided to cross the bridge into the East Village to grab a coffee at Sebastian’s in the Old Simmons building, but the line-up was insane.

So we settled for a glass of cold water and sat down by the river listening to the music coming from the Opera House rehearsal.

View of the light art wheel (my name for it) from the bridge heading back to the island

View of the light art star (my name for it) from the bridge heading back to the island. I will have to go back to check it out at night with lights on!

Then we headed back over the bridge to retrace our steps back to Inglewood. I estimate that our Sunday walk was an 8 km round trip; and it was totally worth it!

If you live in Calgary, I encourage you to go check it out!


What’s your favourite local spot to visit?